Party Info & Pricing Guide

Kids Parties

Minimum 10 kids, private party room (max 24 comfortably but can use both rooms for large groups up to 45).

Paint your own ceramics

2 hour party : 1 hour instruction/painting – 1 hour for the party (cake pizza presents). Recommended for ages 5 years and older $20.50 per person weekends ($19.50 weekday rate). Includes mugs, boxes, bowls, tiles & figurines. Party rate is for our pre-selected party items only.

Creative Clay

2 1⁄2 hour party:  1 1⁄2 hour making & painting creations – 1 hour for the party (cake pizza presents). Recommended for ages 7 years and older $22.50 per person weekend ($21.50 pp weekday)
Demonstrate coil, slab & pinch pottery techniques as well as free form building (ie figurines) or use of press forms as molds.

When are items ready for pickup & distribution?

All party items must be fired, they are then cellophane wrapped with ribbon and card with child’s name on it. Ceramics are ready 1/1.5 weeks later (must be fired once). Clay is ready 2/2.5 weeks later. (must dry or it will explode in kiln firing, then has to be clear glazed & fired again).

If kids are 5 or under please know that attention spans may not be extremely long (even if your child’s is, other children invited may not have same) and the painting is the activity. Crayons & paper, straws n connectors are available but you may bring other activities. Another option is to cut party short by 1⁄2 hour, if kids are having fun, fine if other parents there to watch, but if getting restless they can take them home. I recommend customers book next year if younger than 5, we want your business but we want happy customers.

Please call the store directly to make a firm reservation as they have the most up to date party information. We require a $50 deposit to make a firm reservation (Visa/MC over the phone or/in person debit/cash). This will be deducted from the party amount the day of the party.

The Clay Room (416) 466-8474