Boredom Buster Takeout Kit

Pricing:  Cost of Ceramic item + take home kit cost (includes paints & kiln firing)

Item Price RangeKit Cost
$4 – 17         $8.00 (4 – 1oz paint colours of your choice)
$18 – 24$11.50 (6 – 1oz paints)
$25 – 32$13.25 (7 – 1oz paints)
(excludes Christmas trees)
$15.25 (8 – 1oz paints)

Additional paint may be purchased at regular price:  
1/2oz $2,  1oz $3,  2oz $5.50

Painting Instructions

  • Pieces are naturally white anything you want white don’t paint
  • Before painting or sketching dust items with SLIGHTLY damp sponge from bowl, NOT WET
  • Paint must be applied in thin layers and DRIED in between with blow dryer on COOL
  • For best results apply 3 coats of paint, more solid coverage with each layer
  • Paint applied too thick may lift off  in the kiln
  • Dark colours cover lighter colours but lighter colours may not cover dark, it might show thru
  • Best to work light to dark.  Paint whole item once, dry it, paint exactly the same, repeat
  • Water is only for rinsing colour off of brushes before moving to next colour
  • Dry brushes on paper towel before using next colour
  • Pencil marks burn away completely, just sketch lightly
  • Initial all items, especially box lids & bottoms with paint
  • Return items to store for kiln firing.  Items ready for pickup approx. 1 week later
  • Held for 45 days.

Have a great time painting your masterpiece. 
Stay Healthy & Safe 😀 Be Kind!