Adult Parties

The Adult Painting Parties are perfect for any occasion: showers, birthdays, corporate events, team building, staff Christmas parties or just an evening out.

Our adult parties are for a minimum group of 8 people.  The parties run for 3 hours with instruction given at the beginning and our availability / help throughout.  Parties are held in our private party room or the main floor studio when the store is closed*. Private parties can be booked any day or evening of the week.

How our pricing works

If you walked in off the street and painted a $20 ceramic item (bisque) the in-store studio (use of space, equipment, paints & the piece being clear glazed and fired in our kiln) would be $14.75.

With the adult party rate there is a per person studio fee ($18.95) plus the cost of the ceramic pieces (minimum $15).

You may paint may paint up to 3 pieces ** during your 3 hour party.  Party studio rates are greatly reduced so it’s almost free studio for your 2nd and 3rd.  Pieces range from $4 to $80, with a selection to suite every taste.  Over 300 items to choose from, including house wares, kitchen, décor, kids & holiday.  Guests must spend a minimum of $15 per person on bisque.   Studio pricing reduces depending on number of guests attending.

ADULTS per personBase fee $33.95 pp (=studio fee + cost of ceramic item)
PAINT (3 hours)Studio fee (painting fees for 3 items**)+ cost of item(s)
minimum 8 people8-14 people$18.95minimum $15 pp
15-20 people$17.95spent on ceramic
21-29 people$16.95

Corporate$18.95+cost of item(s)

** Christmas trees (large & medium) are not included for ceramic party rate, regular studio applies. No other discounts apply.

If the guest(s) do not have time to finish the item(s), we have hold shelves in the back and they may come back as many times as they like (on a weekday) at NO additional charge to work on the paid piece(s).

Please be sure to arrive promptly to take full advantage of your allotted time. Come along with your friends, NO FOOD or DRINK at this time due to covid retail restrictions. Masks required at all times.

All parties require a $50 deposit and there is a ten day minimum cancellation notice.

*(i.e. weekends after 6pm (7pm during Dec) or anytime Mondays ( Sept – Nov & Jan – June).

Groups of 20 or more may use the main floor studio if held on a weekday (call for availability) or after 6pm (7pm during Dec) on the weekend

Unusual requests may contact store directly via email: