Our Studio

The Clay Room is an interactive ceramics store where customers of all ages use the ground-level space as their studio. This concept gives the customer complete creative control in making a gift or accessorizing the home. The Do-It-Yourself studio is not only a retail store but also a unique creative learning centre that has been operating since November 1995. The distinctive interior and helpful staff will set you at ease to create your masterpiece.

Ceramic pieces range in price from $4 to $75.
Customers are charged a flat rate studio fee based on the size of the piece, this way you can take as long as you like without feeling rushed.  This studio fee includes everything you need – paints, brushes, aprons, work area, sponge shapes & letters, stencils, tools for techniques, reference materials and personal assistance.

WALK-IN CUSTOMERS are welcome (no appointment necessary).

Pricing depends on who’s painting: Adult, Student (13yrs to university) or Child.
The ceramic items range between $4-75 (the largest piece in the store) + studio fee.
Studio fee is use of space, instruction, paints, equipment and item(s) being clear glazed & fired in the kiln. The studio fee is for unlimited time and colours (6 for kids) for that item. No need to rush, we have hold shelves in the back and you can come back to work on a paid item as many times as you like, no extra cost.

Studio fees:
Adults range from $8.75 – $20.75 depending on cost (therefore size) of piece.
Student studio ranges from $7 – $15.50.
Kids studio is $7.75 for item $24 & under; $12.95 for item $25 & higher.
Complete cost can range from $11 – $66, depending on what is selected, price ranges all in between for every budget.

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